Extreme Autofest 2012 – San Diego

Last Sunday was Extreme Autofest at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. I was fortunate to tag along with my buddies from Timscribbles.com  and snap some photos of such lovely cars. They even made a track where if you registered with them could drive your own car and do a time trial. It was neat to see Honda’s, Miata’s, and even a couple of Mustangs run through the track. With every car event I go to, I am slowly learning little by little. Honestly, the most I could tell you is whether or not I thought the car was pretty. Thankfully the guys were knowledgeable enough to answer my every silly question. It was nice of them to just point out a car to me and ask my thought about whether or not I liked the design and shape of it. Here are some of my favorites.

My latest obsession has been wooden steering wheels. I must get one for my next car!

My favorite car at the show. The AC Cobra, isn’t it beautiful!


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