Hollywood Farmers Market

Every Sunday on Sunset & Ivar from 8AM to 1PM, Hollywood has it’s Farmer’s Market. I’ve been to my fair share of farmers markets before, but I was surprised how large this one was. These vendors came from all over to promote their companies and produce. There were many booths, all trying to sell what was in season – peaches, nectarines, pluots, and a variety of other goods like honey and seasoning. I had to control myself from purchasing a little bit from each table because their samples of their selection were delicious. Fascinated by today’s turnout, I was excited when I saw people with loads of fresh produce and seasoning under their arms as they headed off home.

This man was really nice and let us sample so many flavors! The sampling alone was enough for me, especially during the heat, but Christina ended up getting an Earl Grey junior size to go.

The cutest little 8 month puppy I’d seen attempting to drink water. His name was Otis and he has one blue and one brown eye.


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