Track Day – Streets of Willow, Lancaster

Last Friday I attended my first ever track day at “The Streets of Willow” in Lancaster. Tim woke me up bright and early at 7am, telling me it was time to hit the road. Sleepy eyed, thank goodness I didn’t drive, we made out way out to Lancaster to see Matt and the other cars run the track and get timed. The weather wasn’t too bad in the beginning due to the spots of clouds and the nice breeze that we were fortunate to have. I wish it had stayed all day because around 1pm it was getting HOT. There were three groups from beginners, intermediates, and advanced who took turns on the track. Matt was in the beginners group, though honestly he should have moved up to at least intermediate. It was interesting to see that some drivers brought instructors to teach them. Who knew Lancaster was the place to learn to be a racer? Or at least better at driving.

There goes Matt!


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