Porsche Timeline – Lake Arrowhead

During the weekend, while up in Crestline, a man came by asking about the car show that was being held by the lake. Lake Gregory has an annual Trout Derby, but I knew nothing about the car show until he mentioned it was being held in Lake Arrowhead, the city next door. After exchanging a few words about it, it was time to head back to the car and go on over to Arrowhead to see what kind of car show it was.

When I first arrived, there were two rows in the parking lot that were filled with Porsche Carrera’s and all I could think of… Was this it? I mean, I have been to a couple car expos before with my friends and this was not quite what I expected. I thought this was all the community had to show, until I walked down by the water. There were other Porsches and I realized why  the show was called Timeline.

Giant panda like dog. It was very cute.


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