New York – Part 2

Finally finished sifting through all my photos and was able to condense it down (I have yet to go through the weekend trip to Boston). I have never walked so much in such a little time. Strolling up and down the streets window shopping and comparing cheesecakes (my pick is Vinero’s in Manhattan). The last time I was on the East coast for a visit was roughly 6 years ago. My how the city has changed. What was once an area that was not safe to walk through at night has transformed into a local hotspot filled with shops, cafes, bars, and other nightlife. New York, it’s never boring.

I will admit, I was lucky that returned from New York early last Sunday before Hurricane Sandy shut the city down. I hope everyone else out there who had to face the storm recover. Although I escaped the storm, my family and friends that lives there had to go a few days without power or deal with flooding, but overall they are safe, which is all that really matters.


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