Upcomings – December

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack in posting, my schedule has been super chaotic. I mean, there is so much going on and with Christmas and the New Year around the corner, I just don’t know where the time is going. I already feel winded.

After doing a shoot for BeLong Fitness, some side video projects, and recently covering the LA Auto show, I finally have the chance to sit down and edit a bit of it. Here’s what I have upcoming before the New Year even arrives.

First off, a wedding in New York. Isn’t that exciting? My dear Cousin V is getting hitched and I am so fortunate to visit and even sneak in a little photo shoot of her and her fiance K. Who could ask for anything more beautiful than a happy couple in a snowy New York where miracles happen on regular basis. I’m so happy for them. The two have been together for 8 years and now it’s time for them to tie the knot! (:

Then the following weekend is the Dueces Wild Xmas Party. That should be a blast, honestly, those people always know how to have a good time.

And then the holidays follow. It’s looking like a busy December month and it’s only the 2nd! Time to play catch up! Check back for some new photos. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

OH! And I’ve also started a cooking/craft blog called Late Night Bite that features DIYs, recipes, and all those sorts of goodies. There will be guest bloggers and hopefully some more collaborations. Stop by and take a look.


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