LA Auto Show 2012

On the very overcast December 1st, the team went to the LA Auto Show. Now, as you might know, I can pretty much tell you my opinion, what I like and dislike about a car and point out a couple features. If you were to ask my about the engine or anything specific, you’re looking at the wrong girl. At this auto show, there were quite a few companies out that were providing test drives. Most of the shows I’ve been to so far, there aren’t as many opportunities – I thought that was pretty neat.





I’m not a huge fan of Lincoln cars, but their display area was really nice. I will applaud them for that.




Honda was showing off their concept car. It was right side driver and to me, the steering wheel looked like it was made for a plane.





I never noticed before how many families go to the show. I usually expect the audience to be mostly males, but it turned out to be a family event. Overall the show had decent cars and a good turnout for it’s opening day.


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