San Diego Auto Show and New Years Shenanigans.

On the last Saturday of 2012, I was hanging out in San Diego with Timscribbles team and went to the local Carlsbad Cars event. It’s pretty similar to a Cars and Coffee (locals meet up to display and talk about their cars) that they hold in Irvine, instead Carlsbad holds their event more frequently and obviously in Carlsbad. One of my favorite cars there was a Lotus Elan Spirit because it looked like a cute little kayak.




After the Carlsbad Cars event, we caravanned to the Slaters 50/50  where we filled our stomachs with delicious food and beverages. With our bellies full, the TS team headed over to the San Diego auto show to look at more cars.




The year came and went by so fast. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating 2012. So, to close out the year and ring in 2013, I spent it with Timscribbles team, P5R (or as I usually call them MCC – Miata Car Club), and a couple of new friends at a Kaus’ place. Drinking, playing card games, and having fake mustaches have never been so fun. It was the perfect amount of shenanigans to kick off the New Year.



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