Karen’s Bridal Shower

On weekend of April 19th, I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot a bridal shower for my friend’s lovely sister, Karen.

Here’s some details about Karen. Karen is engaged to Peter and in the next few months she will soon be Mrs. Hsieh. She is a brunch loving, fun having, elementary school teacher with a big heart. She had asked if I would be able to shoot some images of her friends and family at her bridal shower. How could I say no?

The bridal shower took place at her Aunt’s home. Her friends pitched in a helping hand with tea sandwiches and tasty desserts, homemade decorations (the cute kind you find on Pinterest).  They played cute games like a quiz on who knew the bride best and a made up “proposal” story. It was such a spectacular event. Everything down to the party favors, carefully crafted mason jars mugs with personal initial etching for each guest in attendance, filled with sweets, reminded you of the bride.

An afternoon filled with love and laughter. Congratulations again on your engagement Karen!

combo 1 combo 4

IMG_1171 IMG_1266 IMG_1335IMG_1535 IMG_1404 IMG_1489 combo 3 IMG_1221 IMG_1517 IMG_1411 IMG_1392IMG_1359

IMG_1305 IMG_1314

For the full album, click here.


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