EYB : Explore Your Backyard

I have traveled far and wide over the pass couple of years, Paris, London, Spain, Norway… the list goes on. Every time I return home though, I am still amazed about the hidden gems and treasures in my own backyard of Los Angeles. While out trying to find some fun locations for an upcoming shoot, I ended up getting lost, but discovering or rediscovering places I hadn’t been to in years.

This gave me a bright idea for a new segment in my blog. Explore Your Backyard is born. I cannot wait to explore and adventure my own backyard. How about you? Are there hidden gems that you’d love to share? Leave a comment! 🙂

Keep checking in for updates and thanks for stopping by.

Crestline Drive

Took a ride up to Crestline with my father on Friday night and spent the evening at the cabin. I forget how nice it is to get away. To leave a world of constant text messages, work emails, and social networking.  There’s nothing better than escaping the busy city life and getting back to nature where the air is cleaner and the world seems untouched.