Sneak Peek: San Francisco

Hey there!

I’m out here in the lovely (and chilly!) San Francisco for a couple of days. Hanging out with family and catching up with friends is just what the (relaxation) doctor ordered. I just wanted to give you a sneak peak and let you know there will be an upcoming post or two that’s photo heavy. I cannot wait to share this adventure with you.


Big Sur Camping: Part 3

Sorry for the overwhelming amount of photos recently. The images you’re seeing aren’t even half of them, but what I was able to edit down to. Even though our camping plans didn’t turn out exactly I had hoped, I was still having a great time. We went down to the coast and took a mini hike down to water and watched the waves crash. During our stay, there was a community event happening, The Jade Festival (Jade Fest 2012). Who knew people went nuts for jade stone? I sure didn’t, also it was the primary reason we weren’t able to camp along the coast like we had originally planned. I never realized that Big Sur was such a hotspot for surfing. The amount of people jumping in the water was unbelievable. Maybe it’s because I was freezing and not used to the cold. Next time I’ll be better prepared!

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Day by the Bay

Took a day trip to San Francisco with my father. He had some business up north to take care of and asked if I would like to tag along. Since I had the time, I joined him for this mini adventure. I was left with a day free to run around and play, visiting my favorite shops and spots. My favorite was enjoying a nice Irish coffee from Buena Vista cafe and then heading to Ghirardelli square to pick up some chocolates for home. It was so relaxing. I haven’t been back to the bay area in a while, so this day-cation was a nice mix up for the normal weekly routine.