Photo Roll : San Francisco

Every time I go to San Francisco I have a completely new experience. I have many fond memories in there area. It’s where I got my very first tattoo (5 years ago!!) – if you’re thinking about getting one, try Braindrops (they do wonderful work). It’s insane.

This past visit, I hung out with my folks and met up with a few friends that I haven’t seen in ages. It is definitely one of best places to visit if you get the chance. Here’s a few of my favorite pieces of the city. Oh! Also, on this trip, I got to see my good friend Susie in her hometown of Livermore. Fun fact – there are 50+ wineries located there.









IMG_1892 Breakfast with Mama.




Very first wine tasting at the Steven Kent Winery.






Sneak Peek: San Francisco

Hey there!

I’m out here in the lovely (and chilly!) San Francisco for a couple of days. Hanging out with family and catching up with friends is just what the (relaxation) doctor ordered. I just wanted to give you a sneak peak and let you know there will be an upcoming post or two that’s photo heavy. I cannot wait to share this adventure with you.


SEMA 2012

Although SEMA was weeks ago (I know I’m late), I’ve finally got time to post up my coverage. Now, if you’re looking for some expert knowledge of cars, that’s not me. I’m definitely learning more and more as I go, but I can’t tell you the difference in engine, horsepower, etc. (At least, not yet – I’m working on it). What I can tell you, is that it was a pleasure to be a part of this years event and I look forward to next year’s SEMA. For more images from the convention visit

New York – Part 2

Finally finished sifting through all my photos and was able to condense it down (I have yet to go through the weekend trip to Boston). I have never walked so much in such a little time. Strolling up and down the streets window shopping and comparing cheesecakes (my pick is Vinero’s in Manhattan). The last time I was on the East coast for a visit was roughly 6 years ago. My how the city has changed. What was once an area that was not safe to walk through at night has transformed into a local hotspot filled with shops, cafes, bars, and other nightlife. New York, it’s never boring.

I will admit, I was lucky that returned from New York early last Sunday before Hurricane Sandy shut the city down. I hope everyone else out there who had to face the storm recover. Although I escaped the storm, my family and friends that lives there had to go a few days without power or deal with flooding, but overall they are safe, which is all that really matters.

Checking in

Just a quick update. I have been hanging around New York and Boston for the past couple of days to visit my Gramps and other family members. This little blurb is actually the first time I have had access to using the internet on my computer. Trust me, there will be a NY photo diary coming up, but, while I’m away, you can always keep up with me on my instagram @mel_kwok

Big Sur Camping: Part 2

The drive up to Big Sur was long (even though I didn’t drive – I don’t know how to drive stick), but it was worth it. It always amazes me how quickly the surroundings change. Being cramped in the car with fire wood, sleeping bags, and rations for a couple of days is bearable when you think about the big picture. Nothing beats sitting by the camp fire on a chilly night and looking up at the stars, especially when you’re warming up your toes and eating marshmallows. Pure bliss.